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  • Our focus is exclusively on production of Shell Molded, Intricate Cored Castings. We are one of the few foundries in India with a controlled cooling line which enables production of castings with consistent microstructure.
  • BAC produces critical components for the Automotive , Hydraulic and Engineering Industries .A state of the art machining facility is being set up with capabilities to manufacture sub assemblies to meet exacting quality standards of our global customers.
  • Products range from Turbo Charger Bearing Housings, Rocker Arm Levers, Hydraulic Actuator Cylinders, Brake Wheel Cylinders, Halter, End Yoke, Crank Shafts, Fork Selectors.
  • Our aspiration is to service niche markets where BAC has the opportunity to create value and scale up globally.
  • We participate in markets where rapidly developing economies like India are preferred outsourcing partners and offer cost competitive solutions.
  • Our professional team with high process orientation backed by current technology and infrastructure is fully equipped to produce high quality machined castings.
  • We straddle the entire Cast Iron spectrum with the flexibility and expertise to produce Grey, Vermicular and Nodular Iron.