Company Logo
  •  Birla AccuCast Limited (BAC) formally known as Birla Perucchini Ltd  is part of the US $ 620 million
         Yash Birla Group headquartered in Mumbai. The YBG Group is a conglomerate of 14 companies in
         diverse businesses.
  • Manufacturers of Nodular, Vermicular and Grey Cast Iron, through Shell Molding Process.
  • Focused exclusively on Shell Molded, Intricate Cored Castings.
  • Controlled Cooling Line – one of the few Foundries in India with such an Advanced facility.
  • Products Ranging from -
         Turbo Charger Bearing Housings, Rocker Arm Levers, Hydraulic Actuator Cylinders,
         Brake Wheel Cylinders, Halter, End Yoke, Crank Shafts, Fork Selector.
  • Our Aspiration is to Select Niche Markets where BAC has opportunity to Create Value and Scale up
  • Participate in markets where Rapidly Developing Economies are referred outsourcing Partners by
         Offering Cost  Competitive Solutions.
  • Professional Team with High Process Orientation backed by Current Technology & Infrastructure to  
         Produce High Quality Machined Castings.
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